Pacman Maze

Pacman Maze game is another variation on classical variants of pacman, this time we moved to the cold lands of the Penguins. Pacman Maze game differs from the classic pacman game, not only by the landscape which is around where the action takes place, but here we haven’t got pacman in his classic form and we havn’t got ghosts and dots, which eats pacman. So what do we have?

Pacman was replaced by Santa on skis . Like pacman he must flee from enemies, but here we don’t have ghosts, but snowmen. Santa also has to collect everything that is on the board to move to the next stage, but instead of dots we are collecting small stars. Large dots Large dots were replaced by gifts, red ones allow us to collide with snowmen, while the blue one are making us a bit fastr. The board looks like the one from original version, but it is in winter theme.

Pacman Maze Game is a very cool game, ideal for winter, festive atmosphere, which will soon overtake us. For technical matters, we know that pacman (Santa Claus) is controlled with the arrow keys, as usual. At the top of the screen to the left you can see the number of points scored in the middle of the amount of lives and to the right, level, in which you play.

I hope that Pacman Maze Game rules are clear and that you already know how to play. This game is really interesting take on pacman franchise, and playing as Santa will make it more appealing for children, but also some adults will like the atmosphere in Pacman Maze. I think Pacman Maze Game will meet your appreciation and you will want to recommend it to your friends. I wish you a successful play.

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  1. Ariella says:

    This game is great!!

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