Pacman MegaPill

Pacman MegaPill is another interesting pacman game, which is based on the classic pacman – basically here everything is like in a traditional pacman game except the board, which has a completely different layout.

Although the board is different from the rules of the pacman game remain unchanged – to move to the next stage of the game on the board you must collect all the dots and you must also avoid the ghosts. In the game Pacman MegaPill also you have the possibility of gathering large red dots with which the spirits will change to blue and you will be able to eat them.

In principle, Pacman MegaPill isn’t different from classic pacman game, but it is really worth to play, because here we are at the disposal of 30 very cool levels, where we can play very well. If you have a spare moment, if you like pacman games – I invite you to have great fun with us.

In the game Pacman MegaPill you control your character with the arrow keys, so take good care of efficient keyboard. The downside of this pacman game is that unfortunately we can’t turn a pause, so during the game we can’t move away from the computer, but as a consolation I will add that if you miss all lives you don’t have to start over the game Pacman MegaPill – just that choose to list the levels of the stage where you failed.

Speaking of lives in the game Pacman MegaPill is worth mentioning that we have 4 lives and you can see them at the top left side. On the right side at the top in this pacman game you will find a level that is currently palyed, and at the top in the middle you can see the number of points that you could muster.

It is said that in any modern pacman games on the board is a place, which didn’t reach by the spirits – I didn’t find it in the game Pacman MegaPill, but maybe you find it. If you find it, please share this information in the comments.

Pacman MegaPill is really excellent game and I urge all people to play along with us – it costs you nothing but you can very well relax and entertain. Relaxation is necessary to everyone, so spare a few moments for pacman game.

If the game Pacman MegaPill isn’t accounted for you then I would recommend our other pacman games – on our sites is a whole lot very good pacman games. You will find both – classic pacman games and their brand new implementations. Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in a world of pacman? If so, fire away the fun. Pacman MegaPill already waiting for you:)

Have a great fun!

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  1. Sally says:

    This game is slow.

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