Pacman Niu Niu Run

Pacman Niu Niu Run is a fantastic pacman game, where you move to the farm and must collect not a dots but carrots. Also Pacman isn’t like that in the classic versions of pacman games. So how it looks? Main role in this pacman game play cow. Yes, yes, a cow. Little sweet cow, which you have to run around the board and collect carrots, remembering also to avoid the enemies.

Pacman games often surprise us what we can see in this case, in the Pacman Niu Niu Run. Although we haven’t got a pacman but of a cow, we have similar spirits and rules of the game. The game Pacman Niu Niu Run is excellent and you can have great fun with it. If you like unconventional pacman games you must necessarily play on Pacman Niu Niu Run.

Rules of the game – Pacman Niu Niu Run are very simple – you have to collect all the carrots from the board to move to the next stage of the game. While collecting carrots you must watch out for ghosts, because if you hit they you unfortunately lose lives. The amount of lives you can see in the lower left corner.

On the left side of the game Pacman Niu Niu Run you also have other important options. What options? Already I’m saying. Next to the number of lives you can switch off sounds and turn on a pause. At the top, on the grey board you have specified level, in which you play. Below it, you have a green bar, which is getting less. This bar in the game Pacman Niu Niu Run mean a time, which unfortunately runs inexorably, and if it ends – you lose a life. By the time you have a given number of points, and below the image you have pink bar, which comes up – this is a super power that you can use by pressing the space bar. Thanks to super power your cow will move faster. Below this pink stripe you have collected bonuses, because as you will notice from time to time on the board in the game Pacman Niu Niu Run outside carrots you can also find diamonds and many other surprises.

Worth mentioning in this Pacman game is thing that here you controlled pacman using the arrow keys, so it is the same method as in a classic Pacman games. Super power you switching – as already mentioned – by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard. It is worth to use because the game Pacman Niu Niu Run is limited in time and you need to hurry up.

Pacman Niu Niu Run is a very cool pacman game, which I highly recommend both small and big fans of our website. Pacman game doesn’t always have to be based on the classic board and identical forms, sometimes a little variety is handy, and therefore you necessarily have to play the game Pacman Niu Niu Run. I encourage you to play with us and commenting. I wonder how many boards Pacman Niu Niu Run you will pass :)

I wish you a successful play on the pacman farm!

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