Pacman online

Pacman online is another proposal, in which we play a classic pacman game, but with some changes. The first change is the board where we have a bit more transition in the walls than the classic pacman game. The second is that the pacman isn’t yellow but it’s blue, and instead of large dots we have a boxes.

No change, however, is that Pacman online is a game with many levels, and to move to another board, you must collect all the dots. Also doesn’t change the number of live – in the game Pacman online, we still have 3 lives, and after 10,000 points we gain another life. As in the classic pacman game in Pacman online on the board will appear the fruits so you can gain more points thanks them.

Pacman online is a new pacman game, but based on the classic principles that are well known to you. Despite minor changes, as described above, many things are the same. In addition to things described above don’t change controlled, which is done using the arrow keys, and that you have to watch out for ghosts, and can only eat them after collecting boxes (large dots).

Anyone who likes to play pacman games should play well with us in the game Pacman online. It is truly remarkable pacman game, which was well relax and put you in a good mood. But before you begin to play the game Pacman online still you should remember where you can find relevant information.

So, in the upper right corner you will find information on energy and gathered fruit, and in the upper left corner you have: information that help you get involved by pressing space, and thus a pause in the game, then you have a number of scored points, the number of lives and the level in which you play. The assistance can also be seen that the “M” on the keyboard off the sound in the game Pacman online.

Well, that’s basically everything about this pacman game. I hope you will like us to play Pacman online and has yet to come back again and even recommend us to their friends. We invite you to have fun!

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