Pacman Platform 2

Pacman Platform 2 is a very modernized version of this classical game. Except of the basic rules characterizing every pacman-like game – clearing the board from dots/other items and avoiding ghost, or other creatures similar to them, in this free online pacman there is a lot of serious changes. First of all, it is a side scrolling platform game – here our funny yellow ball jumps from one platform to another, not simply moves through a tunnels in the maze. Graphics is really pleasing to the eye and astonishing in comparition with the oldest spin-offs – each board is a little bit different than the previous one, after a few of them the design changes completely. Pacman collects dots (being more precisely – smaller than he yellow balls) against a background of a blue sky with clouds. Of course, platforms are matched with the background. Moreover, it contains elements from adventure games – now, after being touched by a ghost, our hero still lives if he had earlier enough health.

You can collect special items with red cross and fill up your’s health level. Of course, nothing can rescue you if you miss the platform and jump beside – in that case you have lost a life. Another interesting novelty is that you do not have to clear the board from all of the yellow balls – it is not necessary to pass to another one. However, sometimes you have to find a key which makes your skipping through another level possible – without it you are grounded, because the board starts and ends in two different places, and the latter ones are often behind walls, which you have to open.

In regard to fruit bonuses – they still exist, also you can gain an extra life after eating only 100 yellow balls. Moreover, you have at your’s disposal pills which can make you invulnerable for a short period of time, and those which make your enemies powerless (like in the classical pacman games). If you are bored with this game, or if you simply want to compete with your mate, you should try one of the minigames included in Pacman Platform 2. In TAOP, you have to guide Pacman through a classical maze (forest) and collect mushrooms. In PacArena your task is to ate more bonus fruits than your friend in short period of time. Have fun!

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