Pacman Top Tilers

Some people are accustomed to the classics, but sometimes we should try something new. If you want to play pacman games, which are slightly different than traditional pacman game – in our portal you will find something for yourself, for example Pacman Top Tilers.

Pacman Top Tilers is a little unusual pacman game because the main role plays a teddy bear, not the classic pacman. In the Pacman Top Tilers we haven’t got a ghost, but instead them appear piglets. The change also can be seen in the fact that you aren’t here to collect the dots but just tiles that are spread over the entire board. Pacman Top Tilers in spite of these changes is really great and you have to move here 10 fantastic levels. Volunteers?

The friendly bear target is to complete 10 missions, and each of them has to clear the board with old tiles. Unfortunately piglets bother him in missions. You must be avoided the piglets, or else lose a life. In the Pacman Top Tilers we have two types of pigs – some go radomly, not paying us too much attention, and the second run after us like ghosts in the classic Pacman game.

In addition to tiles on the board from time to time appear bonuses. Among the bonuses you will find:

  • clock – stopping piglets for a few seconds
  • 1up – Extra life
  • bag with the dollar – an additional 1000 points
  • green bottle with a skull – to stop a teddy bear for a few seconds
  • lightning – faster moving
  • bomb – the destruction of several plates at once, which are located near the bomb

It already know what to collect, and what better to avoid. About Pacman Top Tilers still worth it to know that in the upper right corner you have the sound off, and slightly lower on the right you will find items such as: number of points, level, number of lives. In the Pacman Top Tilers controls bear with arrows. That’s all. Simple?

Each board in Pacman Top Tilers is a little different so I think that you will not get bored. I cordially invite you to play with us in Pacman Top Tilers. Good luck!

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