Pacman Ultra

Another great Pacman game based on the classic retro arcade game. This version of Pacman is very similar to the original version but have a bit different graphics – example we haven’t got here a balls but squares, and another difference is a score. Scores in that pacman game are as follows: Pill – 10 points, Big Pill – 50 points, Ghost – 200 – 1600 points, Fruit – 1000 points. The rules of that game are the same as in the original version – you don’t need to worry that it is applicable to the rules of the game.

As a reminder – pacman to go to the next stage of the game has to eat all the dots from the board – both large and small – a mere small dots add only items, but large make the pacman can eat the ghosts.As the ghosts should be noted that pacman is the greatest enemy and must be avoided like a fire, or else lose his life, and the number of live is limited and their number is only the third.

World champion in the pacman game didn’t need any of these additional live – he went the game on 6 hours gathering the maximum number of points. Isn’t it amazing? As for spirits, we can still remember their names: Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde. They are so cute names, but they are some unkind to sweet Pacman. Let we return – for a moment – to things, which eat pacman – out dots and ghosts, on the board from time to time will appear the fruits. Fruits give extra points, when you collect them. However, you should hurry up if you want collect fruits, because the duration of their stay on the board is limited.
In the Pacman Ultra game we traditionally move pacman with the arrow keys, and the pause we can turn with a space. For technical matters, we should know where we have the points and lives, so this information can preview in the panel on the right side of the screen. In the lower right corner of the Mute button, you can turn off the sound in the game. The technical information is probably enough.
Pacman Ultra is a classic version, so you shouldn’t have problems with it. In this game you will notice one small difference from the original – you can see ghosts run a bit slower than in the classic, so it is a perfect game for those, who are just beginning the adventure of Pacman. I strongly invite you to play and have fun in the world of Pacman game.

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