Pacman War

Pacman War is another pacman available online. It differs from similar pacman-like games because of the shooting capability. The mazes are mimicked to cities like Moscow, London or Baghdad (in the latter one there are of course mosques). Pacman, small but smart yellow ball, fights with enemies appropriate to certain city (for example, in Moscow which is associated with snow, the maze is white, and the characters wear caps similar to bearskin). Of corse, according to the old custom, our hero has to eat every single dot at each board, apart from killing the extremists (for this activity he achieve only bonus points). Our enemies divide into two groups: one of them have guns, and the second attacs us straightly. Of course, the first ones are fairly more dangerous (and have similar appearance to extremists, whether Palestinian or Georgian’s). In order to kill them, we have to clear some part of the maze (because our ammunition cannot break through the dots) and shoot them precisely in head.

Otherwise, we are just waisting our time and bullets. At the end of every level the game will reduce our points if the time is over one minute, or if we were hurt. One shot could not kill us, but a few ones – easily. In order to pass at least several boards we should control our health level. A novelty is the posibility of choosing which character we want to be (it is available only after ending the game with at least 2000 points).

There are five shapes of Pacman at choice: Taliban Pacman, Cop Pac, Swat Pac, Marine Pac and the most valuable Commando (for 7300 points). Since fifth level, you will be also able to throw greandes (specifical name for well known grenades). They could be very useful when there is a lot of enemies at the board in one place. Moreover, enemies do not show up in one place – they could appear at any moment, in each part of the maze. In spite of poor graphics, it is without doubt a really amusing game, quite different from other similar spin-offs.

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  1. imteresting says:

    have never seen or heard of this game nice game i like it show me more

  2. Samson says:

    Its an excellent one of my favourite game. Please make some options were we can switch off the volume.

  3. olivia says:

    love this game but the volume needs to be down so please make options!!!!!!!

  4. I LUV PACMAN says:

    I LUV DIS GAME 5 outta 5 starz :)!!!

  5. pacman lover says:


  6. El Bastardo says:

    This NEEDS to be made into an App for smartphones!!!

  7. joao says:


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