Pacos adventure 2

Huhu  ha huhu ha, our bad winter …

If you ever played in the traditional Pacman game, this game is  very similar game. Same-looking board, the same ghosts, but a different form, which we control. This time the central role playing Pacos – the Pacmans dog. This time we present the second part of Pacos adventures game. In this part Pacos is on the Alaska. Therefore, we see icy and snow-covered playground. I don’t know if any of you were in Alaska, but this is a place which is famous for the fierce cold, colder is probably only in Siberia. Pacos isn’t afraid of the cold and snowy – he cleverly runs on the board. As far as it will be cleverly done – depends on you :)

Just as in the traditional Pacman game we move our Pacos  using the arrow keys and we eat the dots. We must watch out for ghosts that wander around the game board. When we eat the large  dot – ghosts are harmless and we can eat they. Remember, after eating ghosts eyes back to the beginning and the spirit is renewed.

When you eat all the dots – you  move to the next level. Every next level is more difficult than pevious level – ghost run faster, so you also must run faster. From time to time on the board we can see fruits – the same is in the classic Pacman game.  The gameboard is closed – there are only two passages that allow movement from one side to another side – the same is in the classic Pacman game.

I think this game is very simple and intresiting. If you like traditional Pacman game, Pacos advenure 2 also accrue to your taste. The sweet Pacmans dog wait for you on the Alaska. Try to help him :) I keep fingers crossed :) Good luck!

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  1. daniellle says:

    they would be good games if you could actually play on then

  2. nicole says:

    how come the game aint working ? :)

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