PacOS is a pacman game moved slightly more contemporary realities, so instead of sprites we have made ​​- some say that it is the form of Android. Here Pacman look like the apple. However, the game is great. I still collect the dots here, as is the case in the classic pacman games. Additionally, you can collect bonuses, but beware of the battery. If you catch a battery you subtract the standard of living. And you have only three lives. However, boards have to pass a dozen.

If you like pacman games, I think that you will have a great feel for the game PacOS. Maybe it is a bit unusual, because even the shape of the board is different, but the fun is really fantastic and I would recommend this game to everyone without exception. PacOS is a modern implementation, hence new ideas – in my opinion, correct and very cool.

Modern pacman games occur more frequently. This is a really cool phenomenon and not be afraid of such games. Not only the classic pacman games are addictive. The game PacOS also waiting for you lots of cool charts. Every available in the pacman game board is difficult. At the beginning there are no robots, then they are – and it’s getting more of them is : ) You can collect more and more dots and more battery appears on the board but they are something bad. So you don’t run out of things to do : )

When it comes to controlling the game PacOS that it is traditionally the arrows. As for the option to the top of the screen from left to right you have : the number of points, and the standard of living, level, in which you play and the number of lives. And that’s basically enough – there is nothing complicated.

There is no pause in the game PacOS so if you want to go away for a moment from your computer to take cover Pacman in a safe place – in each level there is a place and for sure you’ll manage to find it. I invite you to have fun !

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