PacXon Pacman does not remind any classical type of the original title. Only the characters – Pacman and ghosts refer to the original where small yellow ball had to eat dots. Now, our mission is to fence our space (correctly – Pacman’s) off from the part where the ghosts are. In each board we have to separate different part of it. The amount of the board is presented (showed) in percentages (for example, at first we have to separate eighty per cent of the level) and marked blue. The task as usual is being complicated by the ghosts, which are bouncing off the board’s walls. Every contact with them take effect by losing a life by Pacman. Also, if they rub themselves against a wall which we have not finished, it becames red, and in the end we had lost our life. So it is better to avoid ghosts, however what may seems easy at the very beginning, it becomes a tough nut to crack after a few levels when its number increases. Later the bigger red ghosts start to show up – although they move more slowly than the rest, they can ruin the parts which we had already separated by smashing individual bricks; and the type of the ghost which can easily move across the whole surface of the board (and finally kill you).

Some of them move only at the edge of the board and do not affect on the part which is being separated, so it is not hard to capture him in a trap by fencing off the part where he moves. The last opportunity to end the game definitively, is to move back while separating a part of the board – it is a form of own goal in this flash game.

Going back to the issue of graphics – it is rather poor. The background looks like cosmic space and it doesn’t change with passing to the next levels. Also the bricks do not change their colour – they are permanently blue, which makes the game a little bit boring. The positive side of the PacXon Pacman is that even if you failed, you can restart from the level where you had lost your life, not from the very beginnig. It is also simple and easy to navigate (only by the arrows), so I recommend it all Pacman fans all over the world.

11 Responses to “PacXon”
  1. sammy says:

    its so much better than the real thing

  2. sammy says:

    i play on it with my baby brother on my lap

  3. zeke says:

    best game i ever played level 6 hard but fun

  4. MEEE says:

    i luvvv this game!

  5. hassan says:

    it was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and hard especaly level 20

  6. cmaeb says:

    i couldn’t get passed level 12. but then again im only 12. all the others are pretty easy

  7. wayne says:

    i think the farthest ive made it is lv 16. i play this in homeroom everyday. its the best game on this website.

  8. Rizwan says:

    i luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this game i think i wanna play this game forever, pac-xon awesome

  9. lindsy says:

    this rocks!

  10. shyam sunder says:

    How to play this game? It is not coming in my screen touch phone.

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