Pak-Rat Black

Some forms of computer games permanently enter the pop culture and become recognizable around the world. As an example of this form can be used such as Pac-Man, which since the launch of the first game lived to see hundreds of followers, and the figure also appeared in dozens of other games. One of the titles that are based on well-known for many years before the scheme is made in flash technology and is accessible via a web browser game Pak-Rat Black.

Traditional pacman game commended for moving the main character around the maze, collecting colored balls and avoid ghosts. Exactly in the same way based on Pac-Rat Black. The only thing that has been changed here are the characters, instead of yellow, round here we follow the title character rat, and our opponents are a few cats. While wandering around the maze we have been collecting beads and pieces of cheese, giving us extra points.

It is a permanent gain more points is our job – that it was based pacman game earlier. Pak-Rat Black has a very cost-effective graphics, the characters are drawn in a simple way, and the whole board is simply a black-and-white maze filled with colorful balls. This presentation pacman game but makes it easier to us to focus on the running game, and we can easily find out when our opponent is heading, you need to get around. Control of the Pak-Rat Black is very simple and is done with just four buttons, namely arrows, which are responsible for moving our rat in four directions. Pacman game requires us to primarily nimble fingers, but it is also useful to anticipate the movements of our enemies, so as to avoid them in time and not lose one of our three available live.

Despite the very simple rules, pacman game can be very addictive titles. The same is true also in the case of Pak-Rat Black and if you do not know what to do in the long autumn afternoon, you might want to give a chance to this title.

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