Pakman Otto

Pakman Otto – is the modern pacman game, in which traditionally eat dots and avoid the enemies which aren’t ghosts but they are robots. Pacman itself also looks quite different, because it is a boy named Otto. Also changes the form of large balls, because instead of them in Pakman Otto we have magazines. Otherwise, in this pacman game also looks like pacman board – in the Otto Pakman game we have to do with the board, which represents the flat. Despite such changes the rules of the Pakman Otto are the same as in the classic pacman game and fun is equally excellent.

If you like pacman games, also you’ll love no doubt one of the modern pacman games which is Pakman Otto. As already mentioned at the outset we have been a few changes, but the principles are immutable. The Pakman Otto traditionally are moving with the arrow keys and collect dots, and when you are able to collect all this going through to the next stage, and the steps you will find quite a bit here. Each stage is slightly different construction of the board, but it will still show flat.

When you play on Pakman Otto is worth a look at the top of the board, where you will find various information about your game. And so in the upper left corner of this pacman game you will find the pause switch, and in the upper right corner of this pacman game you will find information such as: level, number of live and the number of points scored. Collecting points is important if you want to take up high on the list of players. You can get extra points for collecting things from time to time will appear on the board, as well as eating robot, which is possible if you will reap from the board one of the magazines.

This pacman game is very modern, but still played very well in it and heartily recommend it to all fans of pacman games. Pakman Otto shows you a slightly different board and characters, but the whole game doesn’t change, so nobody should feel disappointed. Pakman Otto is also a very simple pacman game because robots aren’t too smart, you have to make a really big mistake to collide with one of the robots and lose a life.

In this pacman game you have to move pacman lot of steps, so don’t wait any longer just fire away fun – I guarantee it will be excellent. I also recommend our other pacman games, at which also can be fun. Cordially invite you to have fun!

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  1. jay says:

    i got 5000 exactly and i’m the best winner so far ROFL I’m freakin out

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