Phat Man

Phat Man is our new version of pacman game, which we have the opportunity to present you today. Phat Man is called also “Twisted pacman game”, because here our Pacman can turn around, what is little bit difficult for us to play and collecting the dots. You need to collect dots if you want to finish this pacman game. If you think that it will be easy you should know that in the collection of dots, ghosts hinder us.

Phat Man is a very interesting pacman game, because:
– first – we have here a slightly different board,
– second – our pacman spins that we have harder to control him,
– third – pacman eating dots and growing. It might seem fine that pacman grows, because he eat dots faster – however, we need to be careful, because at some point pacman can not fit in some corners of the board. Additionally, bigger Pacman moves slower that making he easier prey for the ghosts.

In Phat Man game as in the classic versions of pacman games our Pacman eats dots.In this pacman game we have little dots that give us points, and large dots – thanks that we can eat the ghosts. Ghosts are chasing Pacman, because they don’t want to that you let a game. The most important thing which we have to know is that the Phat Man is not limited in time, so you can play as long as you want. It is also important that in this pacman game you have limited number of lives – we have a 3 lives- if we fail, miss all lives we will see GAME OVER. Also you should know that in the upper right corner you have a number of points.

In this pacman game traditionally we controll Pacman using the arrow keys. In Phat Man game we haven’t got possibility for turn a pause, and therefore you can’t make a break in play, unless someone find place which doesn’t reach the spirits. Also in this pacman game we haven’t got possiblity to disable sounds, but they are extremely funny, so you should listen them. It’s everythigl about options and rules of Phat Man game. I hope that everything is clear.

Phat Man is a pretty fun pacman game which is really worth to play. This pacman game seems to be the seemingly difficult, however, when you play it for a moment you definitely haven’t got any problems. I hope you spend nice time on our website, and you will want to return to us. Pacman games are waiting for you – have fun with us.

5 Responses to “Phat Man”
  1. ikhmot says:

    it is really fun

  2. Flobugg says:

    The phat man is really hard to control….. LOL but it is fun. 😀 What other games can you play with WASD? I want to know because my computer is broken and I can’t use the arrow keys…..

  3. Leah says:

    OMG!!!! Phatman is awesome…………………. but he is so hard to control lol there needs to be a Mrs.Phatman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lindsy says:

    this rocks!

  5. lindsy says:

    hey this is cool but gamecube is cooler

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