Pill eater

Pill Eater is a game which refers strongly to the Pacman game series. The main character which we have to control is Pacman. He flies up and falls down between floating white enemies. They look like Pacman, but their colour is different and they do not snap with their mouths. Also, their movement is rather largely different – they move only in horizontal way, without flying up and falling down. However, some of them stand still. Your task as a Pacman is to eat all of the white-red pills, which are moving similarly as the white dangerous creatures. To control the main character, you have to use the right mouse button and keep it pressed all the time or push it in pulsatory way – otherwise, Pacman will collapse and return at the top of the board. You can also move Pacman in other directions, however it requires a little bit of accomplishment. There is only one board, on which you can play for ever teoretically, if you are avoiding the evil creatures. When you touch only one of them, a red edging appears around Pacman – it means that a life was lost. You have only three lives, so better be careful – you can get another chance easily, but it is quite hard collect a lot of points quickly. Each pill is worth 100 points, there is no extra bonuses and no time limit.

You can play as long as you want to. If all lifes have been lost, you could still pride yourself on Facebook and challenge your friends. All scores will be saved on the site, so that you could known which player is the best. The minus of this free online flash pacman game is the graphics – rather poor, especcialy the dark background does not incline favourably.

Moreover, there is no sound and no bonuses, there is only one board – all of this makes the game a little bit boring. However, it is really easy and everyone could deal with it, especcialy the navigation is simplified to a high degree. To sum up – it is always better to check oneself than trust the strangers, so go and play this fabulous game!

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