Pumpkin man game

Pumpkin Man game, apart from the idea of a maze game where the main goal is to collect all of the items, does not have much in common with the original pacman game. It refers to retro arcade games by graphics, which is simple (it is not made in flash), but good-looking and colourful. The player’s task is to control the head of pumpkin through a maze imitating a corn field and collect candy corn. The enemies are following creatures: bananas, green pumpkin’s, entirely green ghosts, white ghosts with blue or green bottom. They move very quickly – with the same speed as Pumpkin Man. To make them powerless and later kill them, it is necessary to use power ups. They have a lot of sorts, for example – those green or blue one’s which are very similar to doughnuts will give you the possibility of killing those nasty creatures – after eating one of the circles, your enemies will receive a red selvedge – this would be a visible mark of their defenselessness (just like in the original Pacman game, where ghosts became blue after eating by the main character one of the four power pellets).

Other power ups give you higher speed (the lightening), invisibility (black cat), possibility to kill all your enemies at once (skull) and so on. Moreover, sometimes at the beginning of the board you do not have an access to all of the places in it. In order to get there, you will have at the first place find a key or a special platform, which moves you into this special part of the board.

You shall eat all of the candy corns and collect the items as quickly as you can, because the more time will last at the end of the level, the more points you will earn. After gathering suitable amouth of them, you will get an extra life. Moreover, you will get the ability to pride yourself on facebook and compare your high score with others. What is an interesting novelty, at the beginnig of each level you will get a password, so even if you did not pass to another level, next time you can start playing from the level where you were killed. Just enter the special code at main menu and enjoy the game :)

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