Unusual pacman game.

Everything is purple. Do you like this color? If you don’t like you must change it because this game have purple boardgame, purple squares, which you must eat, and you pacman is purple :)

Purp is clone of pacman game, but this time we must run all the time in the right. We must run fast because when we stop, we must try again. In this pacman game we also see the ghosts. Also they are dangerous and they take our lives. This is very interesting game, similar to classic pacman while quite different. Pacman is one of the most known and recognisable games all over the world. Almost every one at least once played in some kind of Pacman games. Now you can try play on Purp :)

For those, who had never played in Pacman – the idea of it is to use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move Pacman through the maze and eat all the purple squares. The game becomes complicated because Pacman must avoid the ghosts, which can kill him. In this game we can’t eat ghosts – we haven’t got time for this.

The game ends when all the lives have been lost. Also in Purp we haven’t got fruits. We have got only purple squares. We must run fast because if the screen will”catch up us”, we must start from scratch. On the boardgame there are many various of obstacles example falling orange rocks. To control your “pacman” you must use arrow keys.

In my opinion this game is more difficult than classic pacman game. Why? Because I must run to fast for me, but this is my opinion – try and check it :) I wish you many wins. Good luck :)

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  1. Quab says:

    omg weird but i like purple

  2. Jimbob Mcpoo pants says:

    Love the game just not the fact that it purple

  3. lindsy says:

    this game is PURPLE!!!!!

  4. lindsy says:


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