Santa Pac Ball

Santa Pac Ball – is the xmas version of the Pacman game, in which, instead of ghosts we have a pink monster, and instead the classic pacman we have here the Santa Claus. Santa Claus mission is collect all the colored balls from the board, avoiding the monster. Would you like to play in a xmas pacman? So if you want to play with us – we invite you to have a great fun!

Also new in this pacman game is a board that is completely different from those in the classic pacman games. In the Santa Pac Ball game on the board you will find islands with snow, ice and Christmas trees, through which you can go only in special places where you see the brown, wooden footbridges. Cool? I think so, because these elements make the pacman game is getting more interesting.

Many things have changed here, but one thing doesn’t change – the task in this pacman game and in other pacman games is collect all the balls from the board, because only then proceed to the next stage. In this pcman game for each stage also you get extra points. In Santa Pac Ball game points you can see at the top of the screen.

In the upper right corner of the game Santa Pac Ball you can found button which off the sounds in the game. The other option is worth to know is that the Pacman is controlled using the arrow keys left-right, and yet it is important that in this pacman game you have only one life, so if yu hit the monster that you have to start playing again. But you want to have a lot of points to occupy high positions in the list of players, right?

If you love unusual pacman games we warmly invite you to play with the Christmas release of the Pacman game. I’m sure you’ll have a great fun with Santa Pac Ball game. It is very simple, so even the youngest fans of our website can handle it myself. Have a great fun!

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