Simpsons Pacman

Simpsons Pacman is another fantastic Pacman game. First, you have to choose which of the character you want to be – Homer or Bart Simpson. Use arrow keys to move them and also „P” as pause, and „S” as start. Despite of ghost there are Marge, her ugly sisters and other characters from The Simpsons – try to avoid them unless you want to be eaten. And remember – you have only 3 lives! There are also other differences than in original Pacman game. Despite of white dots there are donuts and red lighting dots which are helping you to beat the „bad guys”. Try to eat all the donuts (you know that it isn’t hard with Simpsons) and get to the another level. Oh, and there are no fruits anymore (had anyone seen Simpsons eating fruits?!), you can find thing like skateboard, soda, etc.

After eating red dots Homer, Bart and others are getting faster. Sometimes it is hard to get in the corner you want to, but all in all it is still our favourite Pacman game with other characters. Personally, I think that putting The Simpson family in Pacman game makes it even funnier than before. I mean when you see how Homer or Burt are eating those donuts you can’t help it and start to laught.

Tell me, is there anyone who did not seen at least one episode of The Simpsons?! I think that the answer for that question is no. Simpsons are the greatest and funniest family of our time. And also the best TV family. I hope that you will like new Pacman game starring members of The Simpson family. And also I hope that one day someone will create female version of that game. I mean with the female members of The Simpson family. It wolud be funny seeing Marge with her big hair eating donuts and chasing others! Have a good time with The Simpsons! And Pacman!

2 Responses to “Simpsons Pacman”
  1. stacey says:

    I love this ggame but i got 80 points pretty bad :)

  2. Yumna Ismail-(12) says:

    i luv this game a scaored only 600 points on the 1st level and 12544 on the second …. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)(:):)

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