Sonic Pacman

Sonic Pacman is another Pacman game. Despite of Pacman there is Sonic the Hedgehog. There are also 4 ghosts – red one called Blinky, pink one – Pinky, blue one – Inkey and the orange one – Clyde. Use the arrow keys to move Sonic. Pick up all the dots to get to the another level. Extra pionts are for getting rubins. This Pacman game is created especially for kids who like Sonic. But not only kids can play that game. If you feel young or you like Sonic why not to play it? Lots of people knows Sonic. He’s a charecter from video games, cartoons and anime. A lot of kids and their parents know him. He’s really popular, especially for boys. First video game with him was released in 1991 and it was called „Sonic the Hedgehog”.

His first animated series was called „Advetures of Sonic the Hedgehog”. It had a very comical take on Sonic and Tail’s battles against Robotnik. Then was released another animated series, more darker and serious – „Sonic the Hedgehog”. After this one there were another, called „Sonic Underground”. The fourth aminated series was „Sonic X” – the one where Sonic was teleported to Earth by Chaos Control.

There was also released short film starring Sonic and his friend Chis, called „Sonic: Night of the werehog”. So don’t be suprised when you see Sonic Pacman. I mean, lots of people know him and I think that it was a good idea of creating Sonic Pacman. Another big group of Sonic fans will play very popular game which is Pacman. I think that Pacman is getting more popular because someone’s creating Pacman with other characters, like Sonic. Some people likes different games, so that’s why Pacman is changing. And I think that’s the good way to be even more popular – if it’s possible for Pacman.

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