Space Runner

Very cool and fun platformer Space Runner – game like pacman game. This pacman game takes a hero whose mission is to clear all obstacles, collect all the coins and get to the exit. Seemingly simple thing, but it requires thinking and good agility. Space Runner game, but apparently it looks very simple game, which should take no more than five minutes, it really is a game very well developed with many levelami, and “stick insects” graphics of that certainly gives the game a unique charm. If you’re a fan of Mario Gierek platform type, then you have to play platformer Space Runner, and surely you will enjoy it and pulls you into endless hours of playing.

The Space Runner game, your main task is to be released into the next level, so to finally get out of the closed box, in which you were imprisoned. Each level gets to the difficulties and pitfalls, there are new, so I’m not going to quote the action of each of them. So watch out for the moving blades and other items, open the closed transition, collect all the coins on the board, as well as bonuses in the form of additional live. Unlock the transition to the next Wars and exit from this prison. Remember that at the very beginning of the game you have available to only three lives, you can lose bumping into any of the traps.

This pacman game also works the law of gravity, so if you want to jump to higher levels, make sure that it does not fall on the obstacle. Very interesting are the codes for specific levels. So I remember to write down the code for the Level, which is stored in the left corner next to the number donylm poziomum current so that the loss of all live do not have to start the game from the beginning, but only on the Level, where the last time you were. This is good, helps in the transition throughout the game, because the first time the whole passage of this game is virtually impossible. Space Runner game really requires a lot of wits and skill so prepare for it well. Our hero you control with the arrow keys. The dynamics of the game is quite large, as you well feel the place where our Space Runner drops. Watch out also for very thin pads that can sometimes cause a lot of problems.

Space Runner is pacman game certainly not only for fans of arcade, but also for those who want to relax or have the free time at work. Space Runner game pulls both young and older players. It is very nice and has its own unique atmosphere. So wait no more just go into the game and have fun.

Meanwhile, I wish you did not prolong have fun. Good luck.

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