Speedy Pacman

Speedy Pacman is one of the newer implementation of the classics games. This version of Pacman is differs from the original version in many respects, but the game is the same nicely. The first striking difference is that the board, followed by runs of pacman, is green – not navy. Seeing the difference on the player’s lips you can see a wide smile, because this version haven’t got the ghosts that are chasing pacman and did not give him quietly devour all the dots. Even at the end, the third difference is that the game has slightly different rules – indeed you must eat all the dots, but did not go through this to the next stage of the game. In this version of pacman game you need as quickly as possible to eat all the dots, to capture the best place on the list of winners. Reveals here a little minus – is a fast game and has only one stage, but on the other hand the tension and desire to get the best of time … priceless.

Traditionally in this pacman game we control our character using the arrow keys.Traditionally, they are dots on the board, but the novelty is that instead of the big dots are stars. From time to time on the map also appear fruits. Eating small dots makes pacman increases its speed by one, star of 10, the fruit of the 100. His speed can preview bar at the bottom of the screen. Some people probably think that this is a clock that relentlessly keeps track of time: D Anyway you don’t need to hurry, no one will tell you the game over because of lack of time.

You need to hurry if you want to get the shortest time to be better than others. If you think that your pacman runs too fast – hit on the wall, pacman slow down :) Did I mention that in this pacman game we haven’t got ghosts – on the one site that’s great, because no one interferes and does not hinder the game, on the other site the game with the spirits is more attractive.

I hope that the game Speedy Pacman will be given to the your taste and you will often come back to us to breaking records next time. Recommend this game to your friends and take a contest for the shortest time. I wish you have fun!

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  2. Kentaria says:

    I love all the pacmans!!

  3. myles says:

    i love the pacman game it rock:):):):):):):):):):) i hope you make a new pacman game for everybody:)

  4. Lisa says:

    i am winning this

  5. Lisa says:

    this is easy

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