Super Mario Pacman

In Super Mario Pacman, which is a classical pacman-like game, your task is to gain all of the gold blinking coins and avoid your perseguidors – four deadly plants, well known from the Super Mario Brothers game, were they were also harmful for main heroes (but didn’t chase them). In place of typical characters (traditional yellow ball as Pacman etc.), player can choose whether he want to be: Mario or Luigi. The maze is similar to a sewage system, but traditional power pellets such as bigger dots were replaced with stars. Not ghosts as I said, but well known from the Super Mario Brothers game plants are chasing our hero. Their names are: “Death” (red one), “Poison” (pink), “Thorn” (sky blue), “Petey” (orange one). Before start, we could see an intro, which shows us why and how the two famous brothers get into the sewage.

Mario and Luigi, Peach and Toadsworth were about to picnic, when suddenly the red plant crept out from the pipe, grab Toadsworth and capture him. Brothers come to the aid immediately. The funny thing about the game is the perspective – Mario and Luigi look like they would be laying at their back. Also their movement around the maze is resemble to fish-swimming way, because they are waving hands all the time, like it was necessary to make a move. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to relax and make fun – you can play pacman for free online, and it doesn’t require any super computer, a usual laptop would be enough.

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  1. Kimmie says:

    This game is sooo cool! lol

  2. alishba says:

    awsomeeeeeeeeeee game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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