Valentine Pacman

Valentine Pacman is our new interesting proposal designed especially for girls. In this pacman game you don’t have the typical pacman, dots and ghosts, but you have a character whose name is Henry, hearts and motorcyclists. Although Valentime Pacman isn’t a classic pacman game you can have very great fun playing on it. Valentime Pacman is very simple, because – as you will notice – motorcyclists which lurk for Henry, always move exactly the same route, rnot randomly, as the ghosts in classic pacman games.

Valentine Pacman is a game loved by girls, because the game is very … pink. Rules of the Valentine Pacman game are the same as in the classic pacman games, so here we must collect all the dots (hearts) to go to the next stage of the game. Here we have several stages, so it’s worth a try and go all. In the classic pacman games we had small and large dots – here we have a small pink hearts and a larger blue – blue hearts are identical as large dots in the classic PacMan games. Also on the board in the Valentine Pacman game you can see a big golden heart that it will be possible to gather in the and of the stage.

Worth to mention are options in the Valentine Pacman game, so all the important things you can see on the right of this pacman game. In the upper right corner you turn off the sounds, and going down you have: level, number of lifes and points. In this pacman game we haven’t got a possibility to turn a pause, but as I said – motorcyclists are moving always in the same way. Valentine Pacman game is not limited in time, so you can observe for a moment motorcyclists and plan the next move. If you follow they, you will see that on board we have places where they don’t reach and where you can stay if you have to go away for a moment from your computer.

This is everything about Valentine Pacman game options. I hope that you will have great fun with this pacman game and you want to play on other our pacman games, which are available completely free of charge on our website. I wish you a great fun!!!

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