Wacman is a new implementation of classical pacman game in which you play on our website for free. If you like experimenting and trying yourself not only in the classic versions of pacman games, but also in modern pacman games this game is perfect for you. Here await for you 15 different and interesting levels, which you won’t find in the traditional pacman game. So, what is special in the Wacman game that appreciation it so many people?

Wacman is an original game, which combines something of the pacman games, and a bit of the “The hardest game in the world.” This combination makes that we have the opportunity to play in an extremely interesting game that will engage us for a long time. As befits a PacMan game in the leading role in Wacman we have our Pacman. Traditionally, Pacman must collect all the dots from the board to move to the next step. However, there we havent’t got large and small dots, but only small dots which means that here we haven’t got the possibility to chase the ghost, but ghosts…

… but ghosts also don’t chasing Pacman, besacuse they move continuously in one direction and thus, as obstacles to the aforementioned “The hardest game in the world.” This is that thing why I said that Wacman is a combination of these two excellent online games. When you play with us in Wacman game you can hear the traditional pacman music, which in known from the classic version of pacman games. It the music bothers you – you can disable it on the speaker in the lower right corner. Besides the speaker you can set the game quality, and below them you will find the button that allows you exit to the menu.

In the lower left corner you will find the current number of points, and the amount of all points which you collected in the game. Another important thing which we have to know is that in the Wacman game we haven’t got a possibility to turn a pause. Also you should know that you must control Pacman using the arrow keys. Wacman is a very simple pacman game that should appeal to you. The graphics in this game is very pretty and very simple, so fans shouldn;t complain about the aesthetics.

I strongly recommend Wacman game and ecourage you to play on ther pacman games, which can be found on our website. Also take a look to the articles section and check out what’s going on in the world of pacman. I wish you great fun!

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