Extreme Sketch Pac-Man

Extreme Sketch Pac-man is a hand drawn game (the boards and all of the characters are drawn with ballpen), like many others is a free flash online pac-man. The colouring is very simple – there are only two colours, white and dark blue. Ghosts do not differ from each other, and their behaviour patterns are a little bit changed. They move faster than in the original, and less chaotic. At the very beginnig of the game, they do not appear at the board immediately, but one after another come out from the ghost pen, giving player some time to clear some part of the maze. However, after a moment all of them begin to chase Pacman. Their movement suggest that they can predict our moves – often they can easily corner us into some recesses of the maze. In that case – we are doomed. The only way to hide is to use one of the tunnels – ghosts do not chase our hero in it, and they seem to forget where we currently are. As it goes for Pacman himself, he sometimes moves even slower than the ghosts – especcialy when he is eating dots, what some of advanced players knows from the original Pacman. Besides the colour (now Pacman is white with black border), his shape have not changed. Although the maze remains a little bit the old arcade versions, it is more complicated.

There are also only four power pellets, which look like snapping jaws. Using one of them makes the ghosts moving slowly and transparent (the music also changes for a moment). If you kill one, a red stain shows and is dragged by the ghost to the ghost pen (when Pacman is eating dots he drags a similar but grey strail). The ghosts ressurect very quickly and shortly before throw a bomb into the place where Pac-man currently is – the best way not to get hit by one of them is to move all the time.

If we add to all of this the more dangerous patterns of behaviour of ghosts, we will have a game which is quite difficult to pass. However the game is dedicated to the more advanced players, it is remarkable for the sake of very interesting graphics.

2 Responses to “Extreme Sketch Pac-Man”
  1. Rachel says:

    This is a fun game and it looks so cool! :)

  2. Lalala says:

    Very nice and not that easy

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